C34EVO stirrup cutting machine

C34EVO stirrup cutting machine

  • High-quality one-block body.
  • Steel gears in special hardened steel operate in the oil bath.
  • A screw locator is included in the standard specification.
  • EVO series cutting machines are developed making use of the most advanced knowledge and solutions. Reduced energy consumption and increased cutting performance.
  • Replaceable blades made from special steel. Each blade has four cutting surfaces.
  • EVO series cutting machines conform to the current machine Directive 2006/42/EC.


Technical data:

Measures: 82x50x h68 cm

Weight: 235 kg

Oil: 1.5 l

Motor: 380 V 3 HP/2,2 kW

Cuts per minute: 46


For cutting max. 28 mm iron bars.


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