ST16R stirrup bending machine

ST16R stirrup bending machine

  • A small, light and fast bending machine.
  • Available in 220 V and 380 V versions.
  • The set includes a bar length limiter.
  • A monolithic reducer body. Steel gears placed in an oil bath.
  • The machine is developed making use of the most advanced technologies. This allows the highest performance to be achieved while reducing energy consumption.
  • Given the small size (80x70x h96 cm) and four removable feet the machine is compact and easily transportable.
  • Conforms to the current Machine Directive 2006/42 /EC.

Standard specification

  • Pin set
  • Holding pin
  • Checking block
  • Pedal
  • Bar length limiter
  • Rollers 50 mm, 60 mm

Technical data:

Measures: 80x70x h96 cm

Weight: 170 kg

Oil: 2 kg

Motor: 2 hp/1.5 KW

Rpm: 21 rotations per minute

For bending max. 16 mm iron bars.


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